Why Are My Vans So Hard To Put On?

Why Are My Vans So Hard To Put On?

 I’m about to show you a method that will make your life easier.

“I’m trying to put my Vans on but they won’t go on!” If you’ve ever had a pair of Vans, you know that it’s frustrating when you try to put them on but they just don’t want to cooperate. This post explains why your Vans are so hard to put on, and how you can make them work for you.

I am going to discuss about Why Are My Vans So Hard To Put On?

What to do when your Vans are hard to put on

Bend your shoes with your hands to soften them

Heat your Vans with a hairdryer

How to make vans less stiff

The use of simple shoe stretching tools

Freezing your vans shoes to make them less stiff

Heating your vans shoes to make it less stiff

What are the ways to expand your Vans?

The use of thick socks

Using a ball and ring stretcher

Final words

Why Are My Vans So Hard To Put On?

It’s probably not the common reason why most of the basic Vans styles seem difficult to put on, but rather the fact that the shoe is built for stability, not comfort

It’s painful to your finger when you try to slip them on, but if you loosen the shoelace first it can be much more comfortable.

If the Vans shoes are extremely hard to put on, and when worn it rubs the back of your heel then you most likely do not have them sized correctly.

Shoe sizing is critical for a good fit. Your shoes should fit tightly around your feet and not move up or down when walking.

The sad part is that if you eventually break them, and then use regular shoes, you end up bending/destroying the insoles.

I have felt that exact same thing, and you are not alone on this.

This post has been developed to help you solve the problem of putting your Vans on in a better way.

I’ll show you how to expand the Vans so it doesn’t get difficult to put on again.

No matter how they look, Vans shoes are all designed for skateboarding. The basic design is for skateboarding.

These are more comfortable and less likely to get sore than those without, so if you’re looking for

When surfing, the Vans skateboard offers a solid, yet positive feel and control when riding a board.

However, you’ll still need to know how to put together a style with the right fit for you

These Vans are hard to put on, so make sure to take the time to find the right size.

Whenever you notice that your Vans shoes are hard to put on, don’t be disheartened

What to do when your Vans are hard to put on

I have been using my Vans Old Skool Unisex Adults Low-Tops for a while now and I haven’t experienced any difficulty wearing the shoes.

If the shoelaces aren’t completely tied, it doesn’t really matter because I can still put on my shoes.

This is a very important topic, so I had to ask people who have actually used their Vans for a while now. And, who face a tough time putting on their vans.

I’d say that if you wear the sneakers for a few months, they’ll get softer than new.

It’s just not cool to wear shoes this old. No one wants to see the scuff marks that these shoes make on the wall.

Vans sneakers are more flexible than any other sneaker that is currently out there, and as a result, their styles tend to evolve over time.

There’s a size that fits everyone, so it adapts to your feet size and you won’t need to force your feet into it.

Do not wait until the shoes become soft, you need to buy new ones.

Once my Vans are hard to put on, I know what I need to do.

There are two immediate first-aid approaches you can take to stop your Vans from being hard to put on.

There are two different ways to soften your vans leather shoes: one involves bending the shoe so that it can easily break in, and another method requires you to turn the heat up until the shoe softens.

Let’s look at these approaches one by one.

Bend your shoes with your hands to soften them

Vans shoes are built out of solid rubber soles that are strong, durable, and long-lasting.

If your Vans shoes are hard to put on, don’t be afraid to soften them. The harder your shoe, the more cushioning you’ll need to make sure your feet are comfortable when you’re wearing the shoes.

In this section, you’ll learn to repair small damage or wear to your Vans in the privacy of your own home.

All you have to do is: Hold the toe of the shoe, and the heel of the Vans shoe with your left hand and hold the sole of the shoe firmly in your right hand Make sure your shoes are in good shape.

Place the Vans shoe on the floor so that the front of the shoe (on the outside of the foot) points up and down. Then slowly bend the shoe inwards pressing the two ends towards each other until you feel resistance. Repeat the same process with the other pair of the Vans shoe.

Heat your Vans with a hairdryer

If you have trouble putting on your Vans shoes, you should increase the heat so that it molds them to your feet, especially the heels. It’s best to do this only when wearing the Vans leather shoes, however.

This approach will allow you to use the perfect hair dryer: The hottest heat setting and the strongest airflow.

Where you experience difficulty in putting the shoes on, it would be the heels part.

Use the hairdryer until the air is hot and it’s warm and soft.

Repeat on the opposite side.

How to make vans less stiff

Vans skate shoes are known for their high quality, durability, style and comfort. They are not only for skateboarders, but they are very popular among people who play sports or want to wear fashionable sneakers.

Vans are the best skateboard shoe if you want to comfortably grip the top of the deck, offer support, and are durable.

It could be that the shoes are too hard on your back of the ankles, but they’re also probably making your feet stiff.

The practical ways to ensure that your Vans are less stiff is to stretch/soften/width the size of the shoe to perfectly fit your feet, and try to remove the Vans sole.

In fact, while it might look easy, you can make your Vans shoes more comfortable and flexible at home by doing simple things such as making an inexpensive repair, using a foam block to correct toe width, or using cork underlay for added

The use of simple shoe stretching tools

If you don’t like it, you can always try stretching out the shoes with your own feet by inserting other items into your tight pair of Vans shoes.

Overstuffing socks into the Vans shoes or crumpling up newspapers and leaving them overnight is a good way to fix a broken shoe.

This helps the shoe to stay in shape and prevent them from losing their width.

There are a number of shoe stretching tools out there to help stretch out vans shoes.

My experience with this Dasco Hardwood Two-Way Shoe Stretcher has been excellent, especially when it comes to adjusting the length and width of my Vans shoes.

Shoes are made to fit snugly so that they don’t fall off the feet, and the only way to do this is to stretch the shoe a bit.

Freezing your vans shoes to make them less stiff

This is one of the methods used to expand shoe sizes.

It’s also possible to freeze your Vans shoes so that they expand, and then they won’t crack as easily.

When the Vans shoes expand a little, they become less stiff.

It’s a great approach if you are going to be walking or running in freezing weather. You will find it very difficult to pull the bags out of your shoes and then get them back inside without losing your feet.

Once it’s thawed out, remove the bags, and try on your new Vans shoes to make sure they’re not too loose or too tight.

You can give it again, and again, if the first try hasn’t achieved the goal.

First, you want to make sure that the water isn’t leaking into the shoe.

Since Vans and canvas can get wet, you should freeze the whole shoe before you paint it.

Heating your vans shoes to make it less stiff

Apart from warming the Vans shoes by running a hot water in them, it is an easy alternative to use a shoe warmer, which is a tool that helps in heating the Vans shoe so that they are less stiff and easier to wear.

This is similar to what we talked about when discussing what to do when your Vans shoes are hard to put on, or when you have a flat heel.

You just have to do this: Put on some thick socks and then your Vans shoes Get your hair dryer and set it to high heat Poke the areas of the shoe that are tight and stiff, then heat them You can bend your toes back and forth as you do this to ensure more flexibility on the shoe material and area of concern.

Trust me, these methods work like magic, only it seems quite uncomfortable at first. But just give it a chance, and you’ll see for yourself that this is actually the best way to lose weight.

Like I said earlier, if you have leather shoes it’ll work best with most of the Vans leather styles.

Vans shoes are now more flexible than they have ever been. Now, when you put your Vans shoes on, you’ll be able to stretch them in multiple directions, helping your Vans get to be much easier to put on.

In this example, but this is quite different from expanding your Vans shoes.

The sneakers may sound similar, but their size are different and so you have to be able to expand it to fit your feet.

Expanding your vans means making your vans shoe or getting a van shoe that fits better. This can help you break them in or make the shoes fit more perfectly.

What are the ways to expand your Vans?

You can have multiple reasons why your Vans shoes may need to be expanded.

Put your shoes on by pulling your foot through the opening at the bottom of the shoe, and then sliding the tongue over your foot and tightening the straps.

You can make these shoes fit more comfortably if they are too tight when you’re wearing them. There are two different ways you can do this.

This segment will show you how to go about getting your new Vans shoes fit perfectly.

Socks will do a good job protecting your feet if you’re not using them as a pillow to rest them on the floor.

Stretching your Vans before wearing them for the first time is a good way of slowly stretching the material of the Vans and preventing any damage to your feet.

The use of thick socks

The best thing you can do to stretch your Vans shoes is to wear them inside your existing Vans shoes for several hours at a time. You don’t have to tie your laces, and you don’t have to worry about them stretching out of shape, so this is an easy, painless and effective way to do it.

If you are afraid of stretching out your Vans shoes, this is the approach that is right for you.

Using a ball and ring stretcher

When a shoe stretches out of shape it becomes loose. You can buy a ball and ring stretcher to stretch and tighten the shoe.

This particular article will help you to widen specific problem areas.

A good way to expand your Vans shoes is by investing in a ball and ring stretcher. This one HERE is a good choice.

Stretch the shoe so that it fits your feet as best as possible Place the ball side of the tool inside the shoe, with the ring on the outside Hold both ends of the stretcher together Squeeze the arms of the stretcher inwards so that the ball is pressing the fabric out to the desired stretch Use the screw fitting to attach the stretcher to the shoe There will be a noticeable instant movement.

Your feet will feel better if you take off your shoes and leave them in the shower overnight to loosen them more


Thanks for reading this post, and I hope you learned a few tips that will help you find out what to do to make putting your shoes on easier.

We were able to look at the different things you can do if you discover that your vans are hard to put on.


1. Do I have to have a certain type of shoe to get my Vans on?

No, you don’t have to have a certain type of shoe.

2. How do I put my Vans on?

There are two ways to put your Vans on: The first is to slip them on your feet, and the second is to pull them over your shoes.

3. How can I make my Vans last longer?

You should take your Vans in for repairs once a year.

4. Do I have to wear socks with my Vans?

Yes, you should wear socks with your Vans.

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