is it hard to find size 11 shoes?

Today I saw this question in one of the online forums, whether it is hard to find size 11 shoes? I searched a lot on this matter, and talked to a number of stores and found that it may be a problem in some areas.

But my answer to this question is that, it is not hard to find size 11 shoes.

Though in some countries where the normal size of feet is common,  then definitely getting small shoes may be a problem, but generally speaking in almost all countries size 11 is not a problem. In retail stores for example you can check for size 11 shoes, also on eBay,  Amazon, and on any other retail store which is near to you. But before that let us understand what is actually size 11. 

Is it a big size?

We can quickly check what size 11 is from a shoe size chart which is easily available online.

Shoe size chart

Length (inches)Length (centimeters)US Size
10 3/4″27.3 cm10.5
10 15/16″27.9 cm11
11 1/8″28.3 cm11.5
11 1/4″28.6 cm12

Can a size 11 fit a 12?

Generally speaking if your shoe size is 11, and you bought 12 then will it fit to your feet?

It depends on the area and market place as there is a slight difference in US and UK size difference. However, it is suggested that you should measure your feet very precisely and then buy the shoes, however, if it is not possible and you are not able to find the exact number of your feet, then you can try a half number bigger shoe from your size. This difference can be covered in winters very easily by your socks. Half-size big shoes will give you some space to accommodate the shocks and they will not bother you. 

There is another general question in mind whether 

What is the size difference between 10.5 and 11 shoe?

The width and length of every shoe size are different. For example, if you check the Nike shoe size chart, then you see that a shoe size of 11 has 0.5 cm length more than size 10.5 shoes. So you can see that there is very little difference in half shoe numbers and are generally best fit on your feet even with a half number difference.

Is it OK to wear a half size bigger shoe?

When you buy a shoe that fits your feet exactly with a perfect fit, then it will provide you comfort and will support your body without any stress on your feet. So it is advised to search for shoes which are an exact fit. However, when you are purchasing sneakers, then you should buy a half number up-size so that while exercising or running your feet are comfortable. 

Can you wear shoes 1 size bigger?

Yes, you can somehow. If you wear thick socks or if you put some piece of cloth on your shoe front side, then you can use one size bigger shoes. I generally use my old socks for putting them in the front of my shoes so that my feet are not slipped forward.

Can you wear shoes 2 size bigger?

No, you can not. Size 2 bigger is more than the size to be covered by any hack. If you wear size 2 bigger shoes, then you can put one or two fingers to touch your toe easily. You can cover this gap somehow, but then your walking will be disturbed and it may cause pain in your joints.

What are the best tips to find the right shoe?

It is advised to measure your feet by the retail store each time you buy a shoe. However, I will give the following tips so that you can find good shoes which can exactly fit your feet.

1- Make a trace of your feet on the paper of your one foot at least and take it with you while buying your shoes. Place the shoe on the trace and see whether it exactly coincides with the trace. If the shoe is narrower or wider from the trace, then don’t even try it to save your time.

2- Once you choose a shoe that coincides with the trace and is of your choice, then wear it and see whether it is easy to wear and un-wear.

3- Always wear both shoes, don’t decide on one shoe fitting.

4- wear the shoes and stand up and see whether you are comfortable in the shoe or not. Change the shoe number if your feet uncomfortable.

5- Walk in the shoes and see whether the shoes are ok or not. If you feel soft then you can consider the shoe.

6- look for the weight of the shoes, if they are too heavy then don’t consider.

7- look into the shoes for any unstitched parts and see in detail whether it is fully in shape.

8- Once you decide that the shoe is perfect, then you can check further colors in the same shoe and same size.

Is size 11 shoe big for a girl?

In the past size, 11 was considered a very big size specifically for girls and women but now almost all manufacturers of shoes considered size 11 shoe manufacturing and now you can easily find a good variety in size 11 and even in size 12 as well.

Does foot size predict height?

Yes, you can guess height from the size of the feet. In some height predicting formulas size of feet is used. However, it must be noted that it is a poor predictor of height.

Where to find size 11 shoes?

You can find size 11 shoes at retail shops in your area. Further, you can find size 11 shoes on Amazon and on Zappos. Some of the recommended shoes are as under.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Thong Sandal

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Made in China
  • Featuring a comfortable insole crafted from 5mm of latex foam padding, these casual, versatile sandals are designed for daily wear and superior fit
  • This item runs somewhat small, those between sizes should round up.

L.L.Bean Wicked Good Moccasins

  • Unlike similar-looking imitations
  •  L.L.Bean’s Wicked Good Moccasins are made of superior sheepskin to keep your feet warmer on chilly mornings. 
  • In Maine, where L.L.Bean is based, calling something “wicked good” is the highest form of praise.

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