How to make shoes smaller?

When I bought my shoes online last week, I saw that the size of the shoes is a bit larger. I did not want to return the shoes and wait for another week, therefore, I searched and found some hacks for How to make shoes smaller? You can make shoes smaller by doing the following.

  • Replace the insoles
  • Use a heal strip
  • Use thicker socks
  • Stuff the toe area
  • Shrink the shoes using water

Probably you may have experienced this that when you buy a pair of shoes that you have spotted in a shop, however, after checking they look very pretty but when you put it on your feet you feel that they are a bit larger. By asking the retailer of the shop for a smaller size, he says that this is the only pair, then you think that how you can have this pair for you because nothing smaller is available. Oh don’t be silly don’t become hopeless there are plenty of ways you can make these shoes fit on your feet.

Replace the insoles to make the shoes smaller:

Insoles are generally made from jelly or foam and their basic purpose is to help in posture correction. They can also be used on the inside of your shoes need some clean look, then you can opt for a good pair of insoles. However, you can also use insoles to acquire extra space inside of your shoes and thus make them fit your feet.

Use heal strip for making shoes smaller:

Heel pads is another option used for this purpose heel pads are basically strips and they are for the purpose to avoid blisters on feet but since they can take some space from your shoes therefore they can be used for making fruit a bit smaller these steps can be placed anywhere in your true and thus this is a good solution for making your proof it to feet.

Use thicker socks to make the shoes smaller:

Thick socks is another option used for this purpose. If thick socks are not available you can use multiple pair of socks on feet, but since they can take some space from your shoes, therefore, they can be used for making shoes a bit smaller. It is good to choose good quality thicker socks so that they can occupy a large space which is your need.

Though it is a quicker and easier solution for making your shoes fit to your feet, it is a bit awkward as well, because if you put one two or three pairs of socks your friends will become tight and you may feel uncomfortable specifically in summer Seasons have had this is a good trick and it can make your shoes smaller effective your feet very easy.

Stuff the toe area:

Making your shoe smaller can be done using toe stuff, it is the more general solution because placing something behind your heel may not look good. If you play some stuff in front of your toe in the shoes you people will not feel that shoe is not of your size. Therefore this solution can be made work. You can place a small piece of soft cloth or some cotton.

Shrink the shoes using water:

Making your small home using water spray is another good option but before applying this technique please read the instructions of your manufacturer for shoe material and its precautions. If water is not damaging your shoe stuff then you can apply some water spray on your shoes, after which you can dry shoes in sun. If the sun is not available you can use a hairdryer at a low heat setting. If you have doubt that your shoe may become too small, then you can put your feet in the shoe to become dry. If the shoes are not reduced in size in one go, then you can repeat this process few times.


So by reading this article, you may now have arrived at the fact that you can get a bit larger shoes if you like them and you can make them smaller to fit your feet. The best method is to use water shrinking if the stuff is not prohibited to be used in water.

Frequently asked questions:

Can a cobbler make shoes smaller?

Yes a cobbler can make your shoes small in terms of its width. But there is debate whether he can make its length small or not.  You can use socks, insoles, or heal strip to do it.

How to make shoes narrower?

Best solution for wide shoes to make it narrow is thick socks. Thick sockes make your feet bulky and it will fit in the wide shoes very well and will consume extra space.

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