Do Timberland Crease?

 Do Timberland Crease?

 You will never have to worry about this again.

It’s no secret that the Timberland brand is a huge part of the company’s success. The brand has been around for decades and continues to grow as a result of the company’s dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. The brand has grown from a simple boot manufacturer to a lifestyle company with multiple product lines and a massive global following. Timberland has even made a name for itself with its iconic crease shoe, which has become one of the most recognized shoe brands in the world. The question remains: what makes these crease shoes so special?

 I am going to discuss about Do Timberland Crease.

Why do Timberland crease?

The material

Improper maintenance

Loose-fitting based on the large boot size

How to get rid of creases on Timberland?

Make use of a leather oil

Make use of alcohol

Make use of iron to remove creases

Chase out Timberland creases by steaming

Why does Timberland crease?

Timberland creases, for those that have experienced it, will start asking questions on why they crease and in this article, I’ll be doing justice to that question.

Timberland creases for no particular reason, so you need to check out this article to learn what they are.

The material. Proper maintenance. The fitting.

The material

You need to buy boots that are made out of leather. You’ll find different types of leathers, from Nubuck leather to Suede leather

Creasing happens in the leather upper of a pair of footwear because of the bending that occurs when you walk.

To explain further, when you’re walking, the leather of your shoes tends to bend when you walk so that you can feel comfortable.

Timberland boots will be uncomfortable for you to wear if your footwear does not bend.

If the sole bends continuously, the boots will start to adapt to them and this would cause the Timberland boots to crease.

Most Nubuck/suede leather is made from lower quality materials and will crease more than Nubuck/suede leather that is

Improper maintenance

It’s very important to take good care of your clothes. They should be clean and look nice.

It’s important to purchase your Timberland boots with leather spray, so you can use it to keep your boots in good condition and stop them from getting creases.

Maintenance is important in everything and anything you buy.

Timberland footwear needs proper care to make it last long.

Take care of your Timberland boots! If you’re not careful, they can get scuffed, so keep them in good shape by wearing a dust boot.

They’re bound to crease, so keep a couple of sprays on hand to help fix those creases.

Loose-fitting based on the large boot size

A lot of people usually buy clothes that are larger than their size due to the fact that they do not want their clothing to shrink in time.

If the shoe doesn’t fit, just wear them anyway.

If your boots are too big for your feet they make your feet look awkward and you will wear them out quickly.

Don’t buy boots that aren’t fitted. If the boot doesn’t fit your foot, it will continuously flex and when the sole adapts to the bending, it will start to crease.

How to get rid of creases on Timberland?

First you have to find out what the real problem is so you can fix it.

As of now, I’m sure you can figure out what kind of creases in your Timberland boots you need.

When you put Timberlands on your feet, the next thing is to address the issue.

I do not want to worry you so much, but I can guarantee that following these instructions is very easy.

Put your leather goods in the leather conditioner and use leather oil.

Make use of a leather oil

You need to keep your Timberland looking as new as possible by using leather oil and a dry cloth when it is time to clean the Timberland.

Put a drop of the oil you just purchased on the creasing part. Then use the dry cloth to massage the oil on the creasing part of the Timberland. While doing so, also stretch out that part.

When the shoe is completely dry, put it on a shoe tree so it can stretch out and take a break from absorbing any more moisture.

Make use of alcohol

It’s a real shame when you see that the Timberland boots you bought are already creased and they don’t look at all nice anymore.

After that, you might choose to throw it away or you might choose to treat it.

You don’t have to throw away your Timberland new, using alcohol can help you get rid of the creases and make your Timberland brand new.

My top priority would be listing the equipment I’d recommend, and then providing details on the best method to follow.

Spray bottle Dry cloth Leather conditioner Shoe tree or stretcher


Add the water and alcohol to the Spray bottle.

Shake the solution and spray it on the creased part of the Timberland.

To take the crease out of a creased piece of clothing, gently massage the creased part.

Allow the solution to dry completely, and then apply a leather conditioner and leave it for at least four hours before stretching. Before your next outing, stretch your boots so they’re in shape for your next outing.

You can use this method and it will definitely take away the crease, but that means the leather gets dried off and the boots are less prone to creasing.

So if you keep using this step it will dry the leather and make it more prone to creasing.

The best thing about this step is that you don’t have to follow it, and that’s exactly why we’ve included it.

Make use of iron to remove creases

This method is a little stressful because of the iron you’re using and don’t forget that we’re working on Nubuck leather, but even as stressful as it might be, it would work so perfectly.

You will need a few pieces of equipment before you start selling on Amazon, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


  • Newspaper
  • Tape
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Iron


  1. You’re going to want to get the newspaper and cut it to fit the shape of your feet.
  2. Take off your boots and place the wet towel on the creased part of your boots.
  3. Plug your iron into the socket and wait for it to heat up.
  4. Place the dampened towel onto the crease and iron it. This can give your clothes a more comfortable feel.
  5. The steam that comes out while ironing the towel will make the nubuck leather even more supple.
  6. After ironing the clothes, you should not remove the cloth or towel until it’s cooled off. When it’s cooled down, take it out and hang it up to air dry.
  7. After you remove the newspaper from the boots, you should place the boots on a shoe stretcher to stretch them before they go out of the house the next time.
  8. Chase out Timberland creases by steaming


  • Newspaper
  • Dry cloth
  • Shoe stretch
  • Steamer


  1. Lay the newspaper in the boots and cut it to your feet size. Tape the edges to keep the size, and step into the boots. If you’re trying to get these boots looking good, put off the laces first, then place the dry cloth over the creased part of the boots. Place the steamer on the clothes to be washed in it, and then turn the steam on. After washing, take out the paper and hang the clothes on the stretcher.  Conclusion

In conclusion, When it comes to your shoes, you want to make sure that they are comfortable and look good. The crease in your Timberland boots is one of the first things that people notice when they see your pair of boots.In this post, I will discuss the topic that is Do Timberland Crease?.


1. What is the Timberland crease?

The Timberland crease is a line that runs down the middle of the boot. It is caused by the leather being stretched when the boot is new. The crease will disappear over time.

2. How can I get rid of the crease?

There are many ways to get rid of the crease. One way is to put a shoe horn in the toe of your boot and then pull your foot out. This will stretch the leather and get rid of the crease.

3. What should I do if I get a Timberland crease on my other shoes?

If you get a crease on your other shoes, you can soak the shoes overnight in warm water with vinegar.

4. What should I do if I get a Timberland crease on my jeans?

If you get a crease on your jeans, you can soak them in warm water with a little bit of bleach.

5. How can I tell if a pair of shoes has a crease?

A straight crease is the most common type of crease. It’s where the toe box meets the heel. A wavy crease is when the toe box is curved. A zig-zag crease is when the toe box is cut into a pattern.

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