Best Trail Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Best Trail Running shoes for wide feet:

Do you need Best Trail Running shoes for wide feet? Yes, Because Trail running is the best activity for fun and health. It makes our mind fresh and our body more flexible.

But before starting, we must have the best trail running shoes. Because with the good running shoes, we can get the best trail running experience. It becomes easy for us to complete our target without getting hurt our feet.

Running a short trail adjacent to a local park is simply a convenient way to add additional miles to a daily community loop for many of us. Such advantages are equally real, and they inspire ultra-runners as well as weekend warriors to spend more time outdoors.

When it comes to wider feet, it becomes hard to even walk for a long time. Because we don’t get the right shoe for wider feet. We will be enlisting the best shoes for wide feet that would be helpful for those who are looking for the right shoes for them.

List of Best Trail Running Shoes for Wide Feet

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How to choose Best Trail Running shoes for Wide Feet

Now we have enlisted the best trail running shoes for wide feet. We hope that by wearing these shoes people would get the best running experience. Because by getting great reviews from the customers, we have chosen the best shoes for trail running.

Following are the features that should be present in the best trail running shoe:

  • Various internal and external features help protect feet from rocks and roots from impact. Durable top materials are able to withstand abrasion and drops.
  • The light route, rough trail, or off-trail are your choices.
  • Lugged soles add mobility to help you travel more safely over dirt, mud, grass, roots, and slabs of rock.
  • There should be cushioning in the shoes.
  • There should be a grip in the shoes.
  • Reasonably rigid buildings promote the stable placement of the foot.
  • Bottoms with superficial lugs that provide traction in packed soil.
  • Soles with dense, directional lugs for support on soft soil and mud; broad-ranging between lugs allows freely falling mud and soft soil

1.   Brooks Caldera 3

Best trail running shoes for wide feet

First, in the list of Best Shoes for trail running for wide feet is The Caldera 3, which is fast and sensitive to most trail conditions and includes useful features such as gaiter attachment points which enhance its flexibility.

The Brooks Caldera 3 is an ordinary all-around but supportive outdoor trail shoe. The cushioning for longer runs on less challenging terrain or even roads is solid but springy and sensitive that makes it the best trail running shoes for wide feet. For the budding trail runner or those who stick to the less challenging terrain, this is an excellent option.

The cushioning felt good, and the shoe is sensitive enough. Since the shoe looked perfect for road running. The high layer on this shoe offered protection against trail obstacles and felt adequate despite the lack of a rock plate in the shoe which become the ultimate choice while choosing the best shoe for trail running.


  • It has a synthetic sole
  • Due to spaces good for trail
  • Moderate level traction
  • Lightweight


  • A responsive shoe
  • Comfortable for running
  • Water repellent shoes
  • It has lace garage


  • Small gaps
  • Slippery on big rocks
  • The upper Ariaprene mesh is a little temperamental when it comes to water repellence.
  • Its upper side fails to keep the feet dry

2.   Adidas Superstar Running Shoe

Best trail running shoes for wide feet

In the category of best shoes for trail running, this shoe has a prominent place. This shoe comes for men and women both. You can pair them with everything and get fashionable even.

The Superstar insoles protect your feet and make them very comfortable and sturdy. These are also best shoes for wide feet because these shoes are wider from inside and fit to the wide feet.

There is also a great color variation in these shoes. Adidas Superstar is made of full-grain leather with upper silk padding. The famous Superstars’ Rubber Shell Toe adds extra toughness and versatility.

Adidas Superstar is among the most popular shoes you can ever have, particularly with the toe and the three-striped exterior that stands out. An affordable shoe with a lot of good qualities which is the best fit for good trail runners.


  • It is made up of grain leather
  • This shoe has 3 strips
  • It has rubber cup-sole
  • It has a textile lining


  • Breathable shoe
  • Durable
  • This shoe is water-resistant
  • Light in weight


  • Not good for players
  • No louder design
  • Puffy

3.   Altra Lone Peak 4.5 [Best shoes for wide feet]

Third, in the list of Best Shoes for trail running for wide feet is Altra Lone Peak 4.5. The shoe has the same outsole as the 4 and slightly tweaked midsole foam for more durability. Its upper has undergone the most changes, with fewer overlays and a new lacing system, which translates to a less flimsy tongue and a more secure fit. This shoe comes amongst the best trail shoe for running. Modified to enhance long-term longevity and comfort, the Altra Lone Peak 4.5 features a new top with special enhancements in previous problem areas and an improved structure for greater versatility. The compound of rubber is fairly sticky, and rocks well make it a good option for running. However, the lugs aren’t too violent or especially deep, so it doesn’t perform as well as many other rivals on slippery surfaces such as dirt, snow, or steep grass. These are the best running shoes for wide feet because of the smooth qualities in them.


  • It has max track rubber
  • Quick-Dry Durable Air Mesh
  • Fresh lacing device for enclosed fit


  • Wide toe box
  • Pulling is outstanding
  • Strong technical ground


  • Too abrasion resistant for winter weather
  • It has less ankle protection
  • Mid-foot support is missing and a loose fit for the shoe

4.   Salomon Supercross

Best trail running shoes for wide feet

Fourth in the list of Best Shoes for trail running for wide feet is salomon Supercross. The Supercross is a new addition to the Salomon Cross, a flexible trail running shoe based on the famous Speedcross model in a more compact, all-terrain style and is the best shoe for trail running. That’s pretty good on the roads, too.

In three runs you would put about 50 miles in on the shoe: two long runs in rough terrain with a decent deal of elevation, and one run in the park which was a combination of road and mellow trails. The generous EnergyCell midsole offers soft cushioning that protects the runner from the harsh impact of running without compromising a linked feel on rough terrain.

This shoe offers a good sensitivity balance in the forefoot, thus shielding the feet. That said, we have found for years from wearing these shoes that the deep lugs have a tendency over time to wear down or fall off and as they do so, the safety of the forefoot is noticeably lower and it is also best shoe for wide feet.


  • The Vibram sole lug pattern takes place on all terrains
  • It has foothold that grips the feet
  • It has a synthetic sole


  • Secure, excellently-built, missile-proof shoes which can handle bumpy traction
  • The inside is very pleasant, and the OrthoLite insole offers protection while also expelling odor.
  • It has soft cushioning


  • There is no lace garage
  • It has too long laces
  • Its debris heats up during summers

5.   Brooks Ghost 10  [Best shoe for traing running]

Best trail running shoes for wide feet

Fifth in the list of Best Shoes for trail running for wider feet is Brooks Ghost 10. Almost all of the upper Ghost 10 is made of high density printed surfaces and crafted frame.

For this, the Brooks marketing name is 3D Stretch Print, a reference to the semi-elastic aspect of the printing. The upper design was redesigned to give more of a modern look to the shoe. The palette of colors used on the fabrics is more contrasting and two-toned.

It omitted the extravagant detailing on the predecessor of the pair, giving way to simple but neater upper borders which makes it the best shoes for trail running. The laceration device was implemented to direct the eyelets. Such eyelets are positioned at the top of the tongue.

Its primary function is to keep the shoe’s tongue in place, thereby preventing it from moving from corner to corner as the runner runs. This shoe is wide from inside and it is the best trail running shoe for wide feet and even best for wider feet.


  • This shoe has the 3D print layers
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Synthetic fabric is used
  • The fresh transition zone of plush for a smoother journey.


  • This shoe is very breathable
  • It has appealing colors
  • Good for flat and ide feet
  • Less bulky and comfortable


  • A little fragile while raining
  • The shoe lacked an adequate grip on wet surfaces
  • Not enough arch is given

6.   Hoka One One Speedgoat 4

Sixth in the list of Best Shoes for trail running for wider feet is Hoka one speedboat 4. The Hoka One Speedgoat 4 is unique in that it incorporates good safety and versatile cushioning for trail runners in a shoe with unlimited uses also it is the best trail running shoe for wide feet.

On the legacy of its predecessor, the Speedgoat 4 builds as a fast and furious trail monster known for sticky lugs and soft landings. But this time around, the shoe incorporates a bit of extra foam into the heel and upgrades the upper mesh to help breathe and clean.

Combined with 5 mm lugs, the Vibram Megagrip outsole is rather grippy, and with a slightly expanded toe box, and an EE wide version, the design is more suitable for a wider variety of foot styles.

To ultra-distance runners, or anyone looking to the constant pressure on sore or achy joints, maximum cushioned shoes are a great option and the Speedgoat 4 is the one we suggest first and this is the best shoe for wide feet.


  • Speedrunning is high
  • Traction is super good
  • Synthetic material
  • Thick sole


  • It can manage wide trail ranges from mild to technical
  • Genuine cushions
  • Durability is very increased
  • It has better grip


  • Toe-box is pointed
  • Fair return on money
  • Sometimes feels stiff

7.   Altra Superior 4

Rather than a mere upgrade to the Superior series, the Altra Superior 4.0 is. I would suggest these shoes for trail races less than 50 km, with extremely comfortable upper and decent traction.

For those who enjoy the zero drop feel and want a lot of room for the feet, these are worth considering and also the Top trail running shoe for wide feet.

A zero-drop, minimally padded pair, the Altra Superior 4 is very lightweight and comfortable on the road. It’s heavily revamped from the last 3.5 edition, dropping a few ounces of weight, losing some of the stack height to get closer to the ground, and with a new top that looks safer and more snazzy. This is the best shoe for wide feet and also very comfortable.


  • It has a rubber sole
  • Good traction
  • Lightweight and good height


  • Wide toe-box
  • Comfortable cushioning


  • Less protective
  • It has thin sole


There are a lot of good shoes which we have collected and are available in the market. All of these are the best trail running shoes for wide feet. We have checked the features as well as the reviews of the people.

Each one of them is good in their own way. People also have different perspectives and experiences so there can be some conflicts. But the majority is authority. So, we have reviewed the quality comments.

Altra lone peak is one of the best shoes for wide feet. Because this shoe has a wide tox-box and also it is wide from inside that makes it comfortable for the people who have wide feet. It is liked by the people and also got a 5-star rating from customers.

Now, Brook Gosh 10 is the best shoe for trail running. Because it has great spacing that makes it good to walk on bumpy paths. This shoe is also affordable. Quality is also the best and trusted by customers.

This shoe has got a high demand in amazon too because of the quality of the shoe. All of the other shoes are also good in features and ratings too.

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