Best Shoes for Waitressing

Best Shoes for Waitressing:

Serving is a laborious job that always requires you to do more than you can actually do. It demands the best of the best from you & requires you to be always on the go. Not only this but the chaotic nature of waitressing also needs you to look attractive with your outfit & footwear so that you can not only win customers but also feel at ease all the time, which would be quite arduous if you do not wear the suitable outfit & best shoes for waitressing.

Running between this table & that table demands a myriad of energy which may eventually leave your leg & feet muscles aching. It sometimes makes you feel like walking more feet or two will blow your muscles out & you would’ve no choice but to relax & regain the consumed energy.

But ‘relaxing’ is something that doesn’t perfectly suit waitressing. So, with plenty of pressure on your legs, you not only need buckets of energy but also the most comfortable shoes for waitressing to aid you & your legs cope-up with the day-long job of serving. That’s why we’ve today collected a list of the best shoes for servers that you must check for once. We bet you won’t regret & might even end up choosing one from here

Top 05 Best Shoes for Waitressing

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How to Choose Best Shoes for Waitresses?

Selecting the best shoes for waitressing can be really a tricky thing. Stepping into any shop or going through the hundreds of lists on online stores & seeing myriads of varieties will make you befuddled & the very next minute you’ll have 20 pairs of shoes that you want to buy at the same time.

But, honestly speaking, even if you buy all those (which is very unlikely to happen), there is no guarantee that they are gonna be a perfect match to your circumstances. Waitressing is a demanding job. Also, there are going to be different scenarios in which you may need different types of shoes. So it becomes quite risky to select a best fit for you.

But don’t you worry about that. We’ve got you covered in this too because we know, whatever the circumstance, there are a few simple things which you need to look for in the shoes before you choose one. Down below, we’ve listed a few points which will help you to make your choice with ease.


Cushioning maintains your comfort level. You’ll need to walk a lot during your day-long waitressing so you need to consider footwears that favor your feet palms. If you want the most comfortable shoes for waitressing, look for the proper cushioning in shoes. Well-cushioned shoes are best buddies for the servers & they play along easily.


Compromising other things over design – not fair at all. You need to look attractive & cute waitress & the shoes with the best designs can make that happen. Designs are what make something standout. We don’t suggest you go out of the box – you might end up having a bad day – but you need to look for the design that seems attractive & has all other qualities.


Comfort impacts everything you do – serving, walking, talking, everything. Wearing tight shoes, no matter how beautiful it may look, may get you in sweats & will make you feel like your feet are being crumbled under you, It would be the last thing you want. So go for comfortable products & look for the shoes that have enough respect for your fingers & toes.


Like we mentioned earlier, you’ve to prepare yourself for every kind of situation during your job hours. The wet floor or the slippery surface of kitchen might not favor your footwear if you choose a wrong one. Look for shoes that are slip-resistant & get along with slippery surfaces.

That’s it. These are the qualities that you should always look for if you are searching for best shoes for waitressing. To save you hours of your precious time, we are now gonna set our list of best shoes for servers in action that’ll help you make your choice without any hesitation.

List of Best Shoes for Waitressing

1.   Skechers Ghenter-Bronaugh

Best Shoes for Waitressing

First in the List of Best Shoes for Waitressing is Skechers Ghenter-Bronaugh. This footwear by Skechers has numerous features that we talked about earlier & that one footwear for servers should’ve. It might look simple from outside & it’s quite effective & looks beautiful once you are in it.

It’s feet-favorable & relaxed-fit design makes it reliable for every kind of feet. You might have narrow feet or a wide one, its design will welcome you with no hesitation. It’ll automatically mingle with the size of your feet.

This shoe’s main feature is that it’s made from mesh fiber upper which makes it very lightweight & breathable. It’s so lightweight that one won’t even feel like he’s wearing anything in its feet. Moreover, it’s also available in two colors; Black & Blk.

Another thing that makes this shoe top this list is its rubber slip-resistant outsole. After wearing this, you won’t have to worry about any embarrassment of slipping on a slippery floor of a restaurant. Its super-classic slip-resistant rubber outsole has got you covered.

And when it comes to Skechers, how one can forget their water-resistant magic that comes with each of their shoes? No matter if it’s water, soda, beverage, or beer, the shoe just doesn’t allow any single drop of any fluid to break the walls & invade the insides. You can simply take a tissue or soft piece of any cloth & wipe-out everything dropped in the shoe – all will vanish away straight away!

Skechers have also taken care of the thing that most of the waitress want these days – the advanced shock-absorbent midsole – which is, without any doubt, important in shoes especially when it comes to waitressing. Overall the shoes provide the ease that is required for waitressing.


  • 100% Mesh fabric upper
  • Uses advanced rubber sole
  • It’s slip-resistant
  • The dimension is 10 x 15 x 6 inches


  • Lightweight
  • Best design to fit every foot
  • Water-resistant


  • Less fashionable
  • Lace set-up style

2.  Skechers Sure Track Erath

Best Shoes for Waitressing

Second in the List of Best Shoes for Waitressing is Skechers Sure Track Erath. This is another masterpiece from Skechers on the list. This one secures the second position in regards to the best shoes for waitressing. What makes it get this position it the comfy features that it offers for women.

Skechers have used a traditional lace-up closure in this one that provides you the fit that you want & the protection that you seek in shoes. It’s this setup that makes it a well-customized & adjustable fit. Made from smooth & comfortable leather, the shoe favors with narrow & sweet feet of women.

What adds more to its protection is tongue & padded collar. The padding is very cleverly used in the two components of the shoe. Its fabric lining is another addition in its comfy features. Not only that it provides you the comfort, but it also makes it secure & water-resistant.

Talking about security & protection, its shock-absorbent FlexSole midsole takes the shoe to the very next level. From insides, it’s also perfectly cushioned for day-long jobs like waitressing.  So overall, if you want a friendly shoe, this one should be on your list.


  • 100% leather & synthetic
  • Relax fit
  • Uses rubber sole
  • Lace-up as closure type
  • The dimension is 12.1 x 7.7 x 4.5 inches


  • Not bulky
  • Lightweight
  • Shock-absorbent


  • Smaller Fit

3.  Reebok Women’s Work ‘N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

Third in the List of Best Shoes for Waitressing is Reebok Women’s Work ‘N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe. Reebok’s Work ‘N Cushion, just like its name suggests, is specially cushioned for the days-long jobs. It gives this amazing comfy feeling in feet that you’ll love to walk around. It eventually encourages more work.

Made from rubber, Reebok’s Work N Cushion has a design that goes along with every kind of work outfit. Its smart-casual design makes it very resplendent to look at. If you love a great motion from heel to toe, this shoe has got you covered into that as well.

The secret behind its cushion-y style is used DMX ride foam that makes it feel enormously comfortable. Work N Cushion is quite durable as well because of the DMX technology that has been used in its creation.

Important thing to notice here is Reebok’s this masterpiece, with all its amazing features, is available at a very considerable rate.


  • It gives a professional look
  • Uses DMX technology
  • Very affordable


  • Comfortable
  • Slip & Oil resistant
  • Well-cushioned


  • Large Footgear
  • Needs break-in period to be flexible

4.  Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog

Best Shoes for Waitressing

Fourth  in the List of Best Shoes for Waitressing is  Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog. Here is one of the masterpiece from Dansko’s productions.

If you are looking for both, comfort & style, Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog is here waiting for you. Working in an upscale restaurant demands you a stylish & attractive look. This shoe has got you covered.

Dansk Pro XP Clog is made from leather & synthetic sole. Having being made from smooth & comfortable leather, the shoe might be an ideal if you are working at a restaurant.

This pair also uses rubber sole that is quite anti-slippery floors. Its also padded instep for comfort when walking. As far as weight is concerned, we have to admit that Dansko has been successful in creating it a lightweight pair shoes.

Its anti-fatigue rocker bottom will keep you on the go all day. Its insides are so cushioned that once you get inside, you’ll feel your feet like cradling in the shoes. This is one of the best shoes for bartenders.


  • 100% Leather.
  • Imported.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Leather uppers.
  • Roomy toe box to allow the toes to move comfortably.


  • Durable material
  • comfortable sole
  • reinforced toe box
  • wide heel


  • A bit heavier

5.  Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Slip-On

Fifth  in the List of Best Shoes for Waitressing is Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Slip-On. It’s not a coincidence that this list started with Skechers’ shoes & is ending with one of their best product.

This time its Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Slip-On. This pair of shoes is a special tribute to women by Skechers & is intended to help them in making their walking experience wonderful.

Skechers have saved it from heavy-material to keep it lightweight for soft feet of women. It’s design perfectly suits the long hours of days-long jobs just like waitressing.

Additionally, if you are easily bothered by the disturbing smell odor linked with wearing the shoes for hours, this piece has a solution for you. Skechers have used Ortholite insole to help to contain the smell.

It’s so simple yet stylish from outside. From the insides, layers of cushioning have been set in place to give you the comfort that you need during your hours-long waitressing.


  • Lightweight
  • Slip-resistant
  • Highly breathable mesh
  • Durable


  • Responsive
  • Surface friendly
  • Insole lining inhibits odor


  • Mesh might not provide sufficient protection.

Final words:

Choosing one from many & choosing the best one from rest are two different things. You can have any shoes that win your heart but there is no guarantee that it would turn out the best one.

Choosing the best is never an easy affair. We hope that we’ve provided enough informational material to help you not only make a choice but to make the best choice!

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