Best Shoes for Baby Starting to Walk

Best shoes for baby starting to walk:

Baby’s first steps indicate an exciting transition into infancy and a whole new world to discover. This also means that your child is able to wear some great footwear and your responsibility is to buy the best shoes for baby starting to walk.

When you shop for baby walking shoes, bear in mind that baby’s feet are wider than older children and adults and have a distinct bone structure.

The shoes should have a large fit so that babies can push and grip their feet, and more stability to make the experience similar to barefoot walking and should be the best shoe for baby learning to walk.

Any friction should also be present on the bottom to help avoid unwanted slides and spills.

If your child has begun the process of balancing and you feel confident enough to go outside for a stroll, it’s your next step to find a great pair of babies’ first walking shoes. Healthy but enjoyable walking experience should be a top concern for any parent. The best baby walking shoes should protect the feet of your kiddo from any rough or dangerous terrain, this is the only time baby walking shoes can be worn instead of starting out walking barefoot.

List of Best Shoes for Baby Starting to Walk:

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How to Choose Best Shoes for Baby Starting to Walk:

It can be overwhelming to find the right best baby walking shoes, with so many options in the market. That is why we have put up a proper shoppable guide as well as some useful tips to get started before the first steps of your precious little one take.

  • The heel will lie snuggly opposite the shoe’s back. If the heel pinches, this means that the shoe is too low, while a heel that slips quickly ensures the shoe is already too big
  • It’s necessary to avoid too stiff shoes because they may hinder the development of the foot, so you have to choose the best shoes for baby learning to walk.
  • Consider getting your child’s foot measured and a professional match the shoes whenever possible.
  • The front of the shoe is wider than the heel, to suit the normal foot form
  • Keep the little kids in very comfortable shoes before they start to run a lot or play sports usually around four or five years of age. That is around the time the arch of a child starts to develop.
  • Costly shoes aren’t getting better. Children are very easy to outgrow their shoes.
  • Try to pinch baby’s walking shoes on top when the shoe is on; if you can’t catch some stuff, the shoe can be too tight. Flexible materials imitate the bare feet of the baby during their walk to encourage natural movements.
  • Find a decent quality, soft leather or cloth-topped first baby walking shoe that helps airflow to the sweaty little toes of your child
  • First shoes for baby will have grooves on the bottom to help your little one learn to walk more skillfully. Most hard-bottom baby walking shoes have non-skid rubber soles with ridges that give your wobbly walker great traction.

1.           Josmo Kids’ Unisex Walking Shoes First Walker

Best Shoes for Baby Starting to Walk

The 8190 walker baby shoe is a cherished classic made more than 15 years ago by Josmo, and embraced everywhere by parents provides the best shoes for baby starting to walk.

Corrects designed leather bootie and flat bottom, and supports gait for babies. Made from high-quality leather, including a sturdy shell and a comfortable flat bottom to helps children learn how to walk.

For the solid surface and upright clothing, Toddlers build a stronger walking gait that keeps ankles and feet moving in the same direction. Likewise, quality leather indicates it works better than other walkers and for baby first walking shoes.

The quality materials are fantastic. The craftsmanship is fantastic. Holds well to a 2-year-old. The only thing to remember is that the leather is also brushed, very smooth on the sole.


  • Dimension is 7.2 x 5.59 x 3.11 inches
  • Made by leather
  • Leather sole
  • Lightweight


  • Manmade baby outsole socks.
  • Comes in wider sizes too
  • A lace-up shoe for protection
  • Flat bottom


  • Slippery from the bottom
  • A bit large from the bottom
  • Flat

2.           Soft Motion Kellen by Stride Rite

Best Shoes for Baby Starting to Walk

Stride Rite Soft Motion shoes are designed for your smallest love and even their weakest toes and these are proved to be the best shoes for baby learning to walk.

The Kellen shoe has comfortable premium memory foam insoles which add cushion and deep flex grooves for baby feet to travel. Plus, they ‘re trendy enough to go with every outfit a major wardrobe win. Soft Motion shoes are designed to enable first walkers to get natural movement.

Crafted to be the healthiest shoes for your baby’s foot, all of these models are certified by APMA. Stride Rite gives him a beautiful style with these comfy Kellen shoes which are ideal for his early moves. Those shoes are designed with Soft Motion technology to help facilitate balance and natural mobility for his early steps the baby first walking shoes.

This shoe is his new go-to from the park, to family parties. The Kellen Stride Rite features memory foam to make them super comfortable. Plus, a quick strap and tongue hook & loop lets you get them on in no time.


  • Dimension is 6.4 x 5.3 x 2.9 inches
  • Made by 100% suede
  • Chocolate (BB57189) and Grey (BB54040) styles feature extra-wide sizing options that can make this shoe easy to adapt / orthotic


  • Soles are designed to provide superior grip and traction
  • Closing hook and loop adjustable for fast on and off.
  • Soft Motion nature allows first-time walkers to travel naturally
  • The rounded edges eliminate stumbling and dropping.


  • The Velcro strap has reduced the flexibility of the shoe
  • Bouncy
  • Arch support is moderate

3.            Baby & Toddler Soft Motion SM Elijah Sandals

Elijah is the delight of a tyke in blue and grey leather and suede with red pops. Perfectly built to ensure all that’s left is to discover once they’re on. That means a simple on and off the device to adapt for rising feet, rounded edges for fewer stumbles, and plenty of breathable mesh best for first time walk.

Tate Soft Motion shoes by Stride Rite are soft, comfortable, and stylish made for your slightest love and their even smaller toes. Premium memory foam insoles add cushion and baby’s feet move deep flex grooves. They also come in fun prints that brighten up any outfit.

The shoe is padded inside so that the little ankles are not rubbed rough as with other shoes with a low cut. The flexible outsole on the rubber is best for first-time walkers.


  • Weight is 2.4 oz
  • Variety of sizes
  • Dimension is 6.4 x 5.4 x 3 inches
  • Made by 100% Leather and Suede


  • Diverse rounded sole for encouraging natural movement and enhancing balance.
  • Seamless construction is cradling the natural form of the foot.
  • It has the Breathable linings
  • Classic memory foam footbeds for added ease.


  • Shoe tongue is sharp
  • Some parents were not happy with the openings that helps in breathability

4.           Stevie II by See Kai Run

Best Shoes for Baby Starting to Walk

This classic trainer’s mobile, lightweight engineering makes it ideal for children who begin walking. The padded collar and tongue can make feet look as good as they appear and also the best shoe for baby starting to walk.

It comes in a range of fabrics and colors. Canvas lining and leather-lined, flexible footboard for freshness. Full rubber outsole provides early-stages strength, traction, and longevity. Adjustable string-and-loop band and faux laces allow safe fitting.

A broad toe box provides room for safe foot growth. All See Kai Run shoes are built to help children grow safe feet. Chambray canvas two-tone sneaker with red truck emblem and sole stripe. Vulcanized outsole and sidewall to rubber.

Approved by the American Association for Podiatric Medicine to promote healthy foot development the baby first walking shoes.


  • Dimension is 8 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Weight is 6.2 oz
  • Sizes available Baby 0-12 mos, Walker 12-24 mos, Toddler 2-4 yrs.
  • Imported


  • Overhead silk and leather, and lining rubber sole
  • Never sweat it, for the little one will always be stylish with Stevie II
  • Breathable fabric lining and a cushioned fabric insole.
  • Herringbone runs to traction


  • Sensitive to hard surface
  • Too light

5.           See Kai Run – Atlas II Waterproof Boots

Cool meets rugged in the waterproof boot of the new Atlas II. Construction of a smooth, waterproof membrane and water gusset keeps water and debris out.

Rubber outsole built for maximum grip on wet and snowy terrain, with a rough tread pattern proved to be baby first walking shoes. Hook and loop strap and fake elastic laces ensure safe fit and custom adjustment. Cap on the toe of rubber provides toughness.

Waterproof and synthetic textile. The See Kai Run Atlas II boots offer grippy sole for extra stability. They’re built for even greater protection with looped belts. Bonus: These waterproof baby walking shoes come with a toe cap.

That way, wet or stubbed toes won’t deter your boy. Dual adjustable straps with hook and loop. Measurements for the product were carried out using size 2 Little Kid, width M. Please note measurements may vary according to size and the first walker shoes.


  • Weight is 8 oz
  • The shaft is 4 1⁄2 in
  • 3M Thinsulate
  • Waterproof


  • Cap on the rubber toe
  • Construction of seam-sealed, waterproof membranes and a gusseted tongue keeps out water and debris.
  • Bridge braces adjustable for hook-and-loop


  • Bouncy
  • Extra flexible

6.           Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers

Best Shoes for Baby Starting to Walk

In the list of best shoes for learning to walk, Start the attitude ‘just do it’ early with these leather crib shoes with easy hook-and-loop entry and cool design inspired by icons on the hoops.

The soft sole which covers the comfy foam midsole also has stripes along the border to look like its larger counterpart’s rubber. In a heritage look the Nike Force 1 sets up future basketball stars with complete comfort.

An adjustable hook-and-loop ankle strap helps secure the fit and each step is cushioned with a foam midsole. It has a classic leather style and elastic laces, so you can slip it on and off quickly the best and first walker shoes.

A pint-sized take on the ’82 classic, these are the ideal shoe for your little nipper, with an easy-on, easy-off Velcro strap, a padded ankle collar for all-round comfort, a cushioned midsole to keep them relaxed and Swoosh branding to the ends.


  • Size variation Baby: 1=0-3 mos., 3=6-9 mos., 4=9-12 mos.
  • 3.0C
  • Dimension is 7.72 x 4.65 x 2.99 inches
  • Textile and synthetic used


  • Fixing hook-and-loop
  • Square toe for bumper
  • Nike Air machine provides comfortable comfort in its single


  • Removable insole
  • Solid from outside

7- Carter’s Kids’ Park Sneaker

Seventh in the list of Best baby shoes learning to walk are Carter’s Kids’ Park Sneaker. The shoes are 100% Synthetic with a very good synthetic sole.

The Synthetic leather shoes are very carefully designed to retain their shape and are considered with a durable look and color. Synthetic shoes are water-resistant as compared to conventional leather, which can bear the hot and cold weather without any deformation.

The shoes are designed such that the Shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch of the sole. The look of this beautiful looking shoe is like an Athletic Sneaker equipped with a  hook along with a loop closure for easy and quick on/off.

The Flexible and extra supportive outsole provides extra benefits for easy and swift movement. These shoes are Durable not on the cost of roughness rather they are LIGHTWEIGHT with a comfortable best fit.

The design is highly Casual having stylish look and appealing nature. As per reviews by the users, These shoes are FANTASTIC  for starting baby walkers.

If your baby is fat and chubby which normally is the case, then these shoes are for you as They’re wide open and roomy enough for fatty feet. These are considered as the baby’s first walker shoes.


  • Dimension is 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • 100 % synthetic
  • synthetic sole
  • Lightweight


  • wider sizes shoes
  • Hook and loop closure for quick and easy on-and-off
  • Flexible and supportive outsole


  • Difficult to keep it clean

8.         Stride Rite Kids Mason Baby Boy’s and Girl’s Athletic Mesh Sneaker

Eighth in the list of Best baby shoes learning to walk are Stride Rite Kids Mason Baby Boy’s and Girl’s Athletic Mesh Sneaker. These shoes are made by stride rite.

Designed for your lovely little kids and their even littler toes. They are mason soft motion shoes by Stride Rite that are extremely soft, highly comfortable, and eye-catching stylish.

The insole is of Premium quality having memory foam with added cushion along with deep flex grooves so that it can freely move with baby’s feet. These shoes are having a lot of fun colors that make the look of your baby shining.

Stride Rite works hard to design and develop footwear with a lot of care specifically to meet the requirements of growing children who are near to start the first walk. confidence.

Stride Rite shoes aren’t like any other shoes you’ll buy. Of course, the experience since 1919 speaks in the design and comfort of the shoes. The shoe is made of leather with a good combination of textiles. The sole is made up of rubber for a better grip.

This shoe is having Hook & loop closure for easy on/off and adjustability. It is having Premium seamless construction that cradles the foot in natural shape and avoids any mutation to the shape of the feet of little kids.

The shoe is designed with Flexible rounded soles to encourage natural movement and improve balance for the walk learner baby. The soles designed to provide superior traction and grip which make it nonslippery on wet surfaces.


  • Dimension is  5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Flexible rounded Rubber sole
  • Weight 2.08 oz


  • wider sizes shoes
  • Hook & loop for easy on-and-off
  • Rubber sole for good grip


  • Straps are not long enough to close

9- Pediped Kids’ Betty First Walker Shoe

Ninth in the list of best shoes for learning to walk is pediped Kids’ Betty First Walker Shoe. They are great with the look of everyday style with classic design for the starting walker.

The shoes are featured with Pediped exclusive G2 technology to help aid in those beginning steps of your lovely kid. These shoes are designed with love, Pediped footwear for toddlers, and combine comfort and fashion into a shoe that is recommended by medical experts.

The construction and design of this shoe enable kids to sense the ground nature beneath their feet as they learn how to walk and to develop foot strength as they grasp with their little toes. Pediped footwear is considered as the ‘next best thing to bare feet’ by many moms for their kids.


  • Dimension is 20.1 x 13.7 x 8.4 inches
  • Imported Leather
  • Flexible Rubber sole
  • Lightweight Light weight
  • 68 Oz


  • wider sizes shoes
  • Flexible and supportive outsole
  • Loop strip for easy grip.


  • A bit over sized

10- PUMA Kids’ St Runner Velcro Sneaker

Tenth in the list of best shoes for learning to walk is PUMA Kids’ St Runner Velcro Sneaker. These shoes are design keeping in view that it may be considered as the best timeless and legendary design which never goes out of style.

It is the best runner shoes having features of a modernized design with a full rubber outsole that enables strong grip and durability whereas the heel clip looks great and optimizes stability while walking for learners.

The premium suede leather upper with good looking contrast leather PUMA form stripe features a classic style that goes with anything you wear. The soft foam used in the shoe with sock liner provides superior and extra cushioning which provides optimal comfort for every step of your lovely baby.


  • Dimension is 7.4 x 6 x 3.1 inches
  • 100% imported Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Casual Athletic Sneaker


  • narrow sizes shoes
  • Flexible outsole
  • Double Loop strip for easy and strong grip.


  • narrow sized


When your baby starts walking the first thing that you focus on is the shoes of your baby. You try your level best to get the best shoes for baby starting walking.

We have tried to help you out with this thing. We have collected the best first walking shoes. There are all great shoes mentioned after getting the reviews of parents. We took the shoes that have got the best features and pros.

These are top infant walker shoes with the highest review rank. From all of the above there some shoes that are exceptional in quality and value as well. Stevie II by See Kai Run is one of the best shoes is quality as well as in price. This shoe has fewer cons and more pros also this has got the best rating from people and more satisfactory reviews.

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